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Tablet Office Professional Edition

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The Professional Edition is the right choice if ...

you have to fill in forms frequently


and you have XLSX lists with customers or spare parts that you want to take advantage of.

For delivery forms, invoices, sales orders, inspection reports.


Leverage Optical Character Recognition instead of typing.

Simply take a picture of the object and get the text extracted.

Use XLSX files to

  • fill in entry fields from XLS/XLSX files and
  • write back changes or append new rows

Automatic calculations

Number fields can automatically perform calculations in your form to calculate totals, discounts or others.


Datasources help fill out multiple entry fields be selecting a record rather than typing.

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Datasources can be defined for entry fields. Use them to select a record instead of typing.

XLSX files

XLSX files containing lists of customers or spare parts and it's prices are typical XLSX datasources.

Keyword lists

Keyword list datasources can display a keyword list organized in categories. This feature makes it much more comfortable to enter words for a specific topic.


History datasources can scan old Reports. They can be used to retrieve addresses of customers that were entered in older Reports.


availabe components:
  • text entry fields with dropdown listboxes
  • number, date, time entry fields with spinners
  • multiline edit boxes with Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • checkboxes
  • hint, description and print on / off properties
  • grids for entry of numbers
  • charts for displaying the content of grids visually 2D / 3D
Number entry fieds are capable of calculating basic arithmetic operations / trigonometric functions and export their formula to the XLSX file.

Pictures can be taken with the computers camera device or loaded from a file and placed directly into the Report.

Export options

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