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Tablet Office Expert Edition

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The Expert Edition is the right choice if ...

your Reports often have the same structure with similar content, only the details are different and


filling in forms is not enough since your reports consist of paragraphs, not positioned entry fields.

For surveys, assesments, expert reports.


It comes with even more features ...

for creating
  • surveys
  • assessments
  • expert reports


  • technical experts
  • surveyors
  • medical staff
  • and many more


This edition containes all Professional features plus

Speech Recognition Interface

Put your voice to work to create reports! Integrating Nuance's Dragon Speech recognition drives your documentation productivity dramatically.

On Demand Assistance

Asking for a modification or a redesign of a Template through our embedded Assistance system is as easy as sending an email!
Simply express your needs and get the solution delivered and installed directly into the Tablet Office system.

Text databases

Selecting content from a structured text database is another time saving method to create Documents.

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Selecting text fragments from a list is the fastest way by far to create a report. Simply checking the required sentences lets the Tablet Office rendering engine build the paragraphs by using only the selected phrases.

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enhanced DOCX support

for creating continuous paragraphs and bulleted lists

enhanced XLSX support

llike conditional activating of the worksheet the text is going to for reordering of text / numbers

enhanced formatting options

like ending an enumeration or bulleted list with a period, conditional line brakes

enhanced text processing

placeholders and variables for automatoc text replacement; conditional visibility of phrases


Purchasing a license

Tablet Office Expert Edition starts at US$ 1,500. A single license is bundled with three Assistance incidents. We will make an individual offer depending on the number of licenses, the expected number of Templates to be designed and the expected number of incidents.

Incident Management

Modifying Templates on a per incident base starts at $USD 100 per incident and USD 100 per hour.
Standby service is available at additional costs.

Maintenance and updates

Updates are included for the period of one year.


This Edition is not beeing distributed through the internet.

To request an evaluation please contact us by using the contact form.