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How it works


Create your own modern and stylish Reports by using 10 components specifically designed for data entry on tablet computers.
You can choose from components for entry of text and numbers, image components capable of taking photos, drawing pads and signatures, grids and charts.

Your digital form can look exactly like your paper version.

Use the templates to create new Documents or to append to others.

Documents are available to team and customer when the reports are complete.
Or send them to your desktop computer or collaborators in their preferred format for archiving or further processing.

Powerful form designer

Make your forms digital with interactive components

  • Time, date and number entry fields with automatic calculations
  • Visibility of text depending on first or last / odd or even page numbers
  • Placeholders like page numbers, document name or copy of an input like an address

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Automatic calculations

Use the automatic calculator not only for simple logic. It is versatile enough to perform even sophisticated calculations.

  • Basic arithmetic with numbers, arrays and matrices from grid components
  • Trigonometrical functions (sine, cosine, etc.)
  • conversions of times (hours : minutes to decimal)
  • statistical functions (min, max, mean, median)
  • statistical calculations (deviation, variance)
  • conditional if

The formulas will continue to function when the report is exported to an XLSX datasheet!

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