Feature Matrix

Full feature matrix

Basic features:
Entry components:
  • text entry fields with dropdown listboxes
  • number, date, time entry fields with spinners
  • number entry fieds
  • multiline edit boxes
  • checkboxes
  • PDF
  • email
  • upload to clouds
  • print
This Edition containes all features of the Starter Edition plus
  • XLSX
  • DOCX
  • JPG
This Edition contains all features of the Express Edition plus
  • grids
  • charts 2D/3D
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • entry fields have access to XLSX files
  • dropdown lists and MRU lists for entry fields
  • history
  • keyword lists
Properties of components
  • hide in Report / Document
  • hint and description
  • enhanced exporting options for DOCX (positioning  / textboxes)
  • enhanced exporting options for XLSX (specification of the destination cell)
  • number entry fields are capable of calculating
  • placeholders (timestamp, file name, counter)
This edition containes all features of the Professional Edition
  • paragraph components
  • column components
  • Speech Recognition Interface
  • extended support for DOCX export
  • extended support for XLSX export
  • continuous Documents
  • access to MS Access Databases (text databases)
  • Messaging system for Assistance
  • Updater
Feature Starter Express Professional Expert
exports Reports to PDF files
exports Reports to XLSX files  
extended support for XLSX files  
exports Reports to DOCX files  
exports Reports to JPG files  
creates emails with Documents in attachment
input of email addresses in setup panel
input of email addresses inside Reports    
send emails using Standard application
send email using integrated email function
uploads Documents to cloud storage
access to OneDrive
access to GoogleDrive
access to DropBox
concatenating of Reports
print Documents directly
save Report as new Report (save as function)
input fields for text, single line
Most recently used list for single line input field    
checkbox (tick)
input fields for number with spinner
calculating number fields (basic arithmetic operations / trigonometric functions)    
input fields for date with spinner
input fields for time with spinner
input box with word wrapping
Optical Character Recognition for input box    
drawing pad for free hand sketches
signature pad
fixed image from files
variable images from files / camera device
shapes (rectangle, circle, lines)
grids for entry of numbers    
charts to display the content of grids visually    
text paragraphs      
placeholder for Report name, date, time, counter    
background color
background image
hint property for entry fields    
description property for entry fields    
print (on / off) property for components    
hidden property    
read access to XLSX files (select a row and fill in entry fields)    
write access to XLSX files (update or append a row)    
dropdown lists for text entry fields    
most recently used lists for entry fields    
keyword lists    
history datasource    
access to MS Access database with search function      
zooming in / out
colored tiles for Reports
search for Templates / Reports with full text / keyword search
three layouts for list of Reports
jump to Template (bookmarks)
list of most recently used Templates and Reports
tilelist collapsable / expandable
hiding of Templates / Reports
automatic naming of Reports
tool for license transfer  
messaging system for assistance      
updater for processing program updates      
content editor for text database      
speech recognition interface      

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The license is bound to a single computer. However, with the license transfer tool you can transfer the license with two easy steps from one computer to another without having to contact us. This is important when you have acquired a new computer. You can find the transfer tool in the installation folder, normally
"C:\Programs\tabletoffice.net\Tablet Office\Transfer.exe".


System requirements:
  • tablet computer (recommended) or laptop computer
  • touchscreen recommended
  • Windows ® 10 (recommended) or Windows ® 8.1
  • screen resolution 600x800 minimum