Order form

Maintenance form

In this example we demonstrate how to

  • populate the page with entry field of various types
  • automatically naming / numbering the Reports
  • select a record from a XLSX database for customers and merchandise
  • select a predifined text from a dropdown listbox
  • using the calculator for subtotal, VAT and total
  • calculate with minutes and hours in minutes and decimal numbers
  • carry forward subtotals from one page to another
  • implement an confirmation email for the customer
  • use signature pads

Download the Professional Edition

Download here


You will need to download the Professional Edition of Tablet Office to take full advantage of all features.
This example is included in the trial software.


System requirements:
  • tablet computer (recommended) or laptop computer
  • touchscreen recommended
  • Windows ® 10 (recommended) or Windows ® 8.1
  • screen resolution 600x800 minimum