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Version 2.8 for all editions

May 21, 2019
We are  excited to announce the release of the latest version of Tablet Office Pro Edition. In this version we have added several features.
We have added two datasources. The first datasource can read XLS/XLSX files in order to display a keyword list organized in categories. This feature makes it much more comfortable to enter words for a specific topic.
The second datasource can scan old Reports in order to find old entries / values. It can be used to retrieve addresses of customers that were entered in older Reports.

Release of Version 2.6

Jul 3, 2018 is proud to announce the release Tablet Office 2.6 in Starter, Express, Professional and Expert editions. This release is available for download on the download website.
All versions have been improved. All editions come now with a print preview which shows the Document completly rendered as DOCX, XLSX files among other improvements.
We're not done, many more improvements were included too, along with the usual tweaking around the existing features of Tablet Office. Check out Tablet Office by downloading the latest edition.

Release of Version 2.5.2

Jun 19, 2017
We are pleased to inform today, that release 2.5.2 comes now with numerous Video Tutorials that you can watch inside Tablet Office.
During the installation process these tutorials are beeing created, so you can watch them right away after installation.
We hope we can now provide an easier way to learn how to work with Tablet Office that so many customer have asked for.
As always, thanks for using Tablet Office and we always like to hear from our customers what they like and want to have.

Release of version 2.3

Jan 3, 2017
We are very excited to announce the release of the latest version of Tablet Office Pro Edition. In this version we have added two features.
First we have added MRU lists to the group of datasources. Single line entry fields can now take advantage of using most recently used lists. While this feature is a common functionality for entry fields, in Tablet Office MRU lists can be bound to several entry fields. Meaning that these lists are not only working for one specific entry field but they can be used system wide in all Templates and Report as well as for several entry fields in the same Template or Report.
The second feature is Optical Character Recognition for multi line entry fields. Optical Character Recognition (OCR) is a technology which detects text in an image and extracts the recognized words into a machine-readable character string. This innovative functionality makes it possible to take a picture of the text you want to fill in into the entry fields instead of typing it. This feature can be used to take a picture of a business card or type label among others. In case the computer has no connection to the internet then the picture will be saved in the component. As soon as you have an internet connection again you can open the saved image and get it analyzed then.
Thanks for using Tablet Office

Microsoft highlights Tablet Office

Sep 23, 2016
The Microsoft Application Store is the biggest and most important Online Store for Windows Applications. 350+ million devices are running Windows 10 today. And this number is growing every day. Their users have constant and easy access to the huge diversity of applications that have been developed around the world. Moreover, Microsoft promotes its Store in the Windows operating system consistently.
Being highlighted in a Store makes the difference for an application between being downloaded or lost in space.
We are excited to announce that Microsoft has been highlighting Tablet Office for one week now. Go to the Store and click the dark frame “Powerful PC software” that takes you to the selection. This is the direct link.
This exposure and great visibility has resulted in a boost of downloads since then. We are looking forward to add more useful features to Tablet Office that make it outstanding in usability and productivity. We want to say thank you to all our customers that made Tablet Office being such a success.
Thanks again

Release of Version 2

Sep 23, 2016 is proud to announce the release of TabletOffice Professional Edition 2.0.
After many mounths of hard work, night and day, we finally have released version 2 of our bestselling tool TabletOffice Pro.
Tablet Office uses user defined Templates for recurring Reports in order to minimize the need for typing.With it's export capabilities to PDF, XLSX, RTF and JPG format it supports maintenance reports, status reports, logbooks, error reports, simple notes among others. It supports maintenance reports, status reports, logbooks, error reports, simple notes among others. Reports can easily be adapted to the users needs.
Here are some of the new features:
  • Entry fields have datasources in this version. They have access to XLS and XLSX files from which you can select a row and fill in several entry fields (addresses) at one time. If entries are modified then the new values can be written back to the XLS/XLSX file or appended as a new row.
  • Combined entry fields let you fill in several entry fields at one time by selecting a row in an XLS sheet. Clearing the content of several entry fields at one time is also supported.
Please download Tablet Office Pro - 30 day evaluation version is available