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Tablets or handheld computers are used by trillions of people, world wide and every day. They are great for viewing web pages, reading of emails or even taking of pictures.

But when it comes to entering information then things are getting difficult.

Entering simple text without keyboard and limited space on the display could be much more challenging.

Developers of mobile apps have found their way of entering dates and times with sliders or spinners. But still, the user is handicapped when writing messages or reports comprising of text, numbers, pictures and some styling elements.

Many tablet applications like notebook apps are trying to let the users type as much as possible in a limited time. And they might be good.

However, we use a different approach.

We try to minimize the need for typing by using recurring Templates.

Templates are documents which contain the styling elements, all the labels and entry fields, frames for images etc. But no data or images yet.

Tablet Office lets you create the Documents by selecting one Template.

Then you can enter the dates, times and numbers with approved spinners and choose text from catagorized lists if you want to. Pictures can be taken with the tablet computer's camera device and placed directly into the Document without the need to store them in a library first.

Once you are finished with entering your information Tablet Office creates PDF Documents for Adobe Reader ®, XLSX or RTF (like DOC) Documents for Microsoft ® Office products or JPG files for image viewers.

These Documents can be sent attached to an email, uploaded to a cloud, archived or shared with collaborators in the office.

Tablet Office makes creating highly styled Documents on a tablet computer a snap!