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Create mobile forms that look exactly like your paper forms

Mobile forms can look exactly like your existing forms with all the familiarness of your existing docs, with the benefits of interactive Templates.

Instant access to data

Immediately after the Report is complete, it’s available to the entire team and business processes.

Record Keeping made easy

Eliminate paper form processing, manual record keeping, loss of data and inaccurate handwriting.

Modern Storage Solutions

Tablet Office connects to modern cloud storage providers.

Convert your existing paper forms into mobile forms for

Invoices, Quotes, Measurement Reports

Purchase orders, Sales orders, Inventory reports

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Delivery forms, Maintenance Reports

Delivery forms, Maintenance Reports Checklists, Inspection reports, Game results

Case studies

Logbooks, Error reports, Service orders

Timecards, Lead referrals, Manufacturing forms

How it works

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All of your team's data, available when they're completed

Streamline workflows to increase productivity across departments, accelerate field-to-office communication, and make documents available without wasting time.


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Integrate form data into your business operations

Powerful export options enrich your business with real-time data. Instantly transfer reports and docs to your team to ensure they know when something is ready for their attention.

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Make your forms interactive

Capture information faster and more accurate

Form fields can perform calculations based on information from other fields.

Mobile forms & digital documents

Leveraging the power of interactive Templates will take your business data to the next level.

In the field or in the office

Work with tablet computer or at your desk, with or without an internet connection.

Never miss relevant information

Use modern search technology to find your data in an instant.

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Why Tablet Office ?

Tablet Office is available for free trial. The software downloads are fully functional with no limitations. So you can try all features and see how our solutions can help you to achieve your business goals.

Please contact us if you need more time.

This free trial includes support for technical questions.

Tablet Office does not store your Reports / Documents in our clouds. Your Docs belong to you and are stored on your devices.

So there is no need to pay monthly fees just to have access to your own Documents.

There are NO annual or monthly fees, that have to be paid per user.

You pay for the number of devices on which you want to use the software.

"We were able to significantly improve the quality of test reports and communication between the field and the project managers with Tablet Office."

Pete Thompson, Project Manager at DesCon Engineering&Construction, Brunswick